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We believe that the solution to SIDS is finally within reach. It is our sincere hope that our work is a bold step to solving a lifelong medical mystery once and for all and giving back to the world infants that die before their time. 

  • SIDS remains one of the foremost causes of infant death in the United States.
  • It has continued to remain a medical mystery despite other great medical advances.
  • We are still unable to identify infants at risk until a fatal event occurs.
  • Education has also not prevented SIDS.  
  • All groups of society are at risk although low socio-economic groups and Native American and African American populations are at most risk.
  • Families are devastated by this phenomenon.
  • Parents frequently second guess what happened and imagine what they could have done to prevent it.
  • A non-smoking environment and laying the baby on its back are things that can help; yet babies still die from SIDS when parents address these. 

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